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The TaoTao-Project is free research platform. No registration is needed for reading, searching or using dictionaries and word-for-word translator. Registration however is necessary to gain write access to dictionaries or pages. Registration is free of charge.

The TaoTao-Project is intended for students, researchers, translators and religious workers at the field of language, religion, folklore, philosophy, anthropology, history and traditional forms of medicine and healing. People of all fields are allowed to register. It should be understood that the project aims to preserve some scholarly nature in translations and dictionaries.

Registration is done by carefully filling out the registration form. Registration information is used to determine the access for some parts like editing some dictionary fields. Only people knowing Finnish language can edit Finnish fields of the dictionary for example.

All registration applications will be manually reviewed and incomplete information leads to rejection of the application. Approved registrations will be activated and a password will be sent to the given email.

Terms of use

  1. User accounts and passwords are for personal use only
    Every user has their own user account. The account is meant to be for personal use only and you may not give your log in information to others. If your password gets into wrong hands, please contact the administration.
  2. You must respect copyright law
    Do not send copyrighted material or use copyrighted material from the library without permission. The documents found from the site define distribution licence and it must be followed. If you find copyrighted material that should not be here, please contact the administration.
  3. The team translating the text also holds the copyright
    The copyright is shared between all members of translation team. Without agreement from the group one is not allowed to publish the translation elsewhere unless the licensing allows it. Nor can one translator demand take down of the translation when others are wishing to continue.
  4. You may not mirror site
    You may not copy the site with any scripts or other mirroring tools. There are about 2 million pages in the project as the dictionary entries all generate separate pages. Copying pages with scripts stresses the server and disrupts use of other users.
  5. Administration reserves the right to check and remove materials from the site
    Administrator and people having librarian accounts can check materials flagged not proper and remove them without a notice.
  6. You may not advertise on the library, dictionary or discussion pages
    The library, dictionary or discussions are not intended for advertisements. Users are allowed to advertise their services like publications, translation service or clinical service on their profile pages.
  7. The material in the library is for informational purposes only
    The site, translators, editors or anyone connected in the development of the TaoTao-Project cannot be held responsible for use any material in the site.
  8. Breaking these terms the user account might be disabled

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