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Welcome to the TaoTao-Project!

Please note that the project is currently in beta state. All bug reports and ideas are welcome…thanks…

The TaoTao-Project is free research platform and virtual library for East Asian Studies. The project focuses on Taoism, Buddhism, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Aim is to provide students, practitioners and scholars means to read, study and research ancient philosophical, religious and medical writings for free. Project consists of a virtual library, search tools, dictionaries and “a word for word” matrix translator and discussion pages.

Library contains medical, philosophical and religious writings. Dictionary module has various built in dictionaries and editable main article that hold more throughout study and discussion about use of the term.

Word-for-word “matrix translator” is a tool for machine aided translation. It also helps people who are unable to read Chinese to study original Chinese texts and to compare different translations.