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Information about character(s)

Radical Strokes: 4
Additional Strokes: 7
Total Strokes: 11


Pinyin: hàn, hě
Cantonese: hon6

Dictionary definitions

Unicode: (same as 扞, 捍) to resist; to oppose; to obstruct, to defend; to guard; to ward off, (same as 㪃) to thump; to beat; to strike; to attack

康熙字典文字版 【卯集下】【攴字部】 㪋
【廣韻】【集韻】𠀤侯旰切,音翰。【說文】止也。周書曰:㪋我于艱。○按書文侯之命,㪋今本作扞。【類篇】或作攼。 又【集韻】許我切。與㪃同。