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Information about character(s)

Radical Strokes: 4
Additional Strokes: 19
Total Strokes: 23


Pinyin: juàn
Cantonese: gyun3 hyun3

Dictionary definitions

Unicode: a kind of utensil used to ladle out wine, a container that gives a measurement of rice

說文解字 - Shuowen: 《斗部》㪻 杼滿也。从斗䜌聲。

康熙字典文字版 【卯集下】【斗字部】 㪻
【廣韻】【集韻】𠀤方願切,音販。【說文】抒滿也。 又【廣韻】芳萬切【集韻】孚萬切,𠀤音娩。量也。 又【廣韻】居願切,音絭。眈物也。