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Information about character(s)

Radical Strokes: 7
Additional Strokes: 12
Total Strokes: 16


Pinyin: yàn, xiàn
Cantonese: sin6

Dictionary definitions

Unicode: to cover; to screen; to shade; to conceal; to shut off, to block, to shift; to move, to forward; to convey, to walk

說文解字 - Shuowen: 《辵部》䢭 遮䢭也。从辵羨聲。

康熙字典文字版 【酉集下】【辵字部】 䢭
【廣韻】似面切【集韻】延面切,𠀤音羨。【廣韻】行貌。 又遮也,移也。 又【廣韻】以然切【集韻】夷然切,𠀤音延。義同。䢭原字从羨。