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Information about character(s)

Radical Strokes: 9
Additional Strokes: 13
Total Strokes: 22


Pinyin: chān, chàn, yán
Cantonese: sim4 zim4

Dictionary definitions

Unicode: a shield; a screen, (same as 襜) the low front of a robe, gown, etc., a short coat that have no lining, a small mud guard, or fender, a leather garment worn during sacrificial rituals in ancient times

康熙字典文字版 【戌集中】【韋字部】 䪜
【廣韻】【集韻】𠀤處占切,音㚲。【玉篇】䪜屛也。【集韻】本作檐。 又【集韻】余廉切,音鹽。衣蔽也。 又【廣韻】【集韻】【韻會】【正韻】𠀤昌豔切,音䠨。【廣韻】本作韂。鞍小障泥。 又【集韻】韍也。通作襜幨。