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Information about character(s)

Radical Strokes: 1
Additional Strokes: 1
Total Strokes: 2


Pinyin: liǎo, le, liào
Cantonese: liu5
JapaneseOn: RYOU
Korean: LYO
Vietnamese: liễu

Dictionary definitions

Unicode: to finish; particle of completed action

CE-Dict: to finish/to achieve/to understand

Soothill: To end, see through, understand, thoroughly, know, make clear, thoroughly, completely, final.

English-Chinse-English Dictionary of Buddhist terms (Stardict): (1) To acknowledge, to cognize, to understand, to know (upalabdhi, pratipatti, adhimoks!a). (2) Opinion, view (drs!ti). (3) To awaken to, to apprehend (avabodha). (4) Finish, complete, get through with. At length, finally, in the end.

21 Century bidirectional dictionary: understand end
3.[Formal] (in the negative) very; fully function word to indicate a past tense
ㄌㄜB expletive in the Chinese language

朗道漢英字典 - Lang Dao: end; finish; know clearly; oversee; settle; understand

懶蟲簡明漢英詞典: end; finish; know clearly; oversee; settle; understand

說文解字 - Shuowen: 《了部》了 尦也。从子無臂。象形。凡了之屬皆从了。

朱芾煌:法相辭典 成唯識論二卷十六頁雲:了、謂了別。即是行相。識以了別為行相故。又雲:此中了者:謂異熟識,于自所緣,有了別用,見分所攝。
二解 瑜伽八十三卷十六頁雲:了者:謂了相作意。

Buddhism words and phrases cognize

CF-Dict: (utilisé après un verbe ou un adjectif pour marquer l'accomplissement d'une action)/(mis à la fin d'une phrase pour marquer un changement ou une évidence)

Han-De-Dict: Perfektsuffix/Satzendepartikel: Veränderung (S)