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Information about character(s)

Radical Strokes: 2
Total Strokes: 2


Pinyin: bǔ, pū, bo
Cantonese: buk1
JapaneseOn: BOKU
Korean: POK
Vietnamese: bốc

Dictionary definitions

Unicode: fortune telling; prophesy

CE-Dict: to divine/to forecast or estimate/(of a place to live etc) to choose

Soothill: To divine, foretell.

English-Chinse-English Dictionary of Buddhist terms (Stardict): (1) To perform divination by heating tortoise shells and interpreting the cracks that appear. (2) Divination in general, foretell (佔). (3) To select, choose. (4) Assign, match to.

21 Century bidirectional dictionary: divine; to practise divination foretell; to predict select; to choose (a dwelling place)

1.a common name for such edible roots as turnips, carrots, radishes

懶蟲簡明漢英詞典: divination; foretell; predict; select; choose

說文解字 - Shuowen: 《卜部》卜 灼剥龜也,象灸龜之形。一曰象龜兆之從橫也。凡卜之屬皆从卜。

Buddhism words and phrases divination

CF-Dict: divination/prédire/prévoir/choisir/sélectionner

Han-De-Dict: Wahrsagerei, Weissagung, Prophetie, Vorhersage (u.E.) (S)/voraussagen, voraussehen, prophezeien (u.E.) (V)/Bu (u.E.) (Eig, Fam)/wählen ( z.B. einen Wohnsitz ) (u.E.) (V, Lit)