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Information about character(s)

Radical Strokes: 4
Additional Strokes: 3
Total Strokes: 7


Pinyin: chuān
Cantonese: cyun1

Dictionary definitions

Unicode: tritium

CE-Dict: tritium 3H/radioactive isotope of hydrogen having 2 neutrons in its nucleus, so atomic weight 3

21 Century bidirectional dictionary: 1.[Chemistry] tritium

21 Century bidirectional science and technology dictionary: tritium - 核

朗道漢英字典 - Lang Dao: tritium
【化】 tritium
【醫】 H3; hyzone; tritium

懶蟲簡明漢英詞典: tritium

湘雅醫學專業詞典: hyzone;superheavy hydrogen;triatomic hydrogen;Trit;tritium

CF-Dict: tritium

Han-De-Dict: Tritium (ein Wasserstoffisotop, T) (S, Chem)