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Information about character(s)

Radical Strokes: 4
Total Strokes: 4


Pinyin: yáo, xiào
Cantonese: ngaau4
JapaneseKun: MAJIWARU
JapaneseOn: KOU
Korean: HYO

Dictionary definitions

Unicode: diagrams for divination

CE-Dict: lines on a trigram

21 Century bidirectional dictionary: 1.single and divided lines in eight groups of three lines each as specified in the Book of Changes

說文解字 - Shuowen: 《爻部》爻 交也。象《易》六爻頭交也。凡爻之屬皆从爻。

康熙字典文字版 【巳集中】【爻字部】 爻
【唐韻】胡茅切【集韻】【韻會】【正韻】何交切,𠀤音肴。【說文】交也。象易六爻頭交也。【易·繫辭】爻者,言乎變者也。又爻也者。效此者也。又爻也者。效天下之動者也。 又【集韻】後敎切,音斆。本作效。象也。一曰功也。或作傚効。通作詨。【正韻】易,爻法之謂坤。陸音胡孝切,按易繫辭今文作效。

CF-Dict: entrelacer/changer/89e radical

Han-De-Dict: Radikal Nr. 89 = mischen, durchkreuzen, knüpfen (u.E.)