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Information about character(s)

Radical Strokes: 4
Additional Strokes: 14
Total Strokes: 17
Simplified Form:


Pinyin: xiǎn, mí
Cantonese: sin2
JapaneseKun: KARI
JapaneseOn: SEN

Dictionary definitions

Unicode: hunt; autumn hunting; to capture with a fine net

CE-Dict: to hunt in autumn (archaic)

Soothill: markaṭa (मर्कट), 獮猴 a monkey, typical of the mind of illusion, pictured as trying to pluck the moon out of the water; also of the five desires; of foolishness; of restlessness.

康熙字典文字版 【巳集下】【犬字部】 獮
考證:〔【周禮·春官·小宗伯】獮之日涖,卜來歲之戒。〕 謹按獮之日二句在肆師下,小宗伯改肆師。

Han-De-Dict: jagen, durchsuchen (u.E.)/löschen, töten (u.E.)