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Information about character(s)

Radical Strokes: 9
Additional Strokes: 4
Total Strokes: 12
Simplified Form:


Pinyin: yǐn, yìn
Cantonese: jam2 jam3
JapaneseKun: NOMU
JapaneseOn: IN ON
Korean: UM
Vietnamese: ẩm

Dictionary definitions

Unicode: drink; swallow; kind of drink

CE-Dict: to drink

Soothill: To drink, swallow; to water cattle.

21 Century bidirectional dictionary: make animals drink; to water
ㄧㄣˇ drink
2.drinks swallow be hit

朗道漢英字典 - Lang Dao: drink; imbibe
【醫】 Bib.

懶蟲簡明漢英詞典: drink; imbibe

湘雅醫學專業詞典: bib.;bibe;cold decoction;drink;inhaust

CF-Dict: boire

Han-De-Dict: Getränk (u.E.) (S)/trinken (kantonesisch) (u.E.) (V)