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Information about character(s)

Radical Strokes: 9
Additional Strokes: 8
Total Strokes: 16
Simplified Form:


Pinyin: yáo
Cantonese: ngaau4
JapaneseKun: SONAERU
JapaneseOn: KOU GYOU GOU
Korean: HYO

Dictionary definitions

Unicode: prepared meat; food

CE-Dict: variant of 殽|肴, meat dishes/mixed viands

21 Century bidirectional dictionary: 1.dishes and foods

1.meat and fish dishes; dressed meat

朗道漢英字典 - Lang Dao: meat and fish dishes

懶蟲簡明漢英詞典: meat and fish dishes

康熙字典文字版 【戌集下】【食字部】 餚
【廣韻】胡茅切【集韻】何交切,𠀤音爻。【玉篇】饌也。【廣韻】與肴同。詳肉部肴字註。 又【集韻】乎刀切,音豪。義同。

Han-De-Dict: Fleischspeisen (u.E.) (S)