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Information about character(s)

Radical Strokes: 11
Total Strokes: 11


Pinyin: má, mā
Cantonese: maa4
JapaneseKun: ASA
JapaneseOn: MA BA
Korean: MA
Vietnamese: ma

Dictionary definitions

Unicode: hemp, jute, flax; sesame

CE-Dict: generic name for hemp, flax etc/hemp or flax fiber for textile materials/sesame/CL:縷|缕[lu:3]/(of materials) rough or coarse/pocked/pitted/to have pins and needles or tingling/to feel numb

Soothill: Hemp, flax, linen, translit. ma (म), cf. 牟, 麼, etc.

21 Century bidirectional dictionary: 1.(surface) not smooth
3.general term for hemp and other fiber crops

朗道漢英字典 - Lang Dao: hemp; pocked; rough; sesame; tingle

懶蟲簡明漢英詞典: hemp; pocked; rough; sesame; tingle

說文解字 - Shuowen: 《麻部》麻 與𣏟同。人所治,在屋下。从广从𣏟。凡麻之屬皆从麻。

Buddhism words and phrases hemp

Japanese Places O (loc)

CF-Dict: rude/rugueux/grêlé/chanvre/lin

Han-De-Dict: Anästhesie (u.E.) (S, Med)/beschäftigen, ärgern (u.E.) (S)/Hanf (u.E.) (S)/prickeln, taub werden (u.E.) (V)/betäubt, empfindungslos (u.E.) (Adj)/uneben, rauh, pockenartig (u.E.) (Adj)/Radikal Nr. 200 = Hanf, Flachs, Jute, Sesam (u.E.) (S)