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About the TaoTao-project

The TaoTao-Project is a free research and publishing platform dedicated to Taoism, Buddhism and medical traditions like Chinese medicine and acupuncture. It consists of virtual library, full-text-search, dictionary and matrix translation tool for machine aided translation. The discussion threads on the pages provide a way for researchers and students for open dialog and shared translation.


The main aim of the project is to ease reading and studying ancient philosophical, religious and medical writings. Since the beginning the focus has been on Chinese medicine and writings that have influenced the history and development of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Because of the great influence of Taoism and Buddhism to philosophical basis of Chinese medicine the religious, esoteric and philosophical texts are also available for study. For comparative reasons Western scriptures are also available in the database. The vision is to provide free access to ancient knowledge and encourage collaborative translation of medical and religious scriptures.


The TaoTao-Project relies on ideas of sharing, openness and volunteering. Ancient doctors, philosophers, students, hermits, saints, monks and nuns left behind incredibly vast textual heritage. This profound cultural heritage of different ancient philosophical schools belongs to everyone and is without property rights. The TaoTao-Project strives to make these cultural treasures publicly available and provide means and access to these texts even without being able to read ancient writings in Chinese.

The project also cherishes the open source movements. Access and availability of open source programs made possible the development of the TaoTao-Project. Idea is to expand open source ideology to collaborative translation of culturally important works.

Project hopes to maintain scholarly nature in the study and translation but people of all fields are welcome to join regardless of educational level or profession.