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English Dictionaries

General Dictionaries
Unicode CE-Dict 21 Century bidirectional dictionary
朗道漢英字典 懶蟲簡明漢英詞典
Buddhist Dictionaries
Soothill-Hodous dictionary of Buddhist terms Chinse-English Dictionary of Buddhist terms (Stardict)
Scientific Dictionaries
21 Century bidirectional science and technology dictionary
Medical Dictionaries

Chinese Dictionaries

General Dictionaries
康熙字典文字版 漢語成語詞典
Buddhist Dictionaries
朱芾煌:法相辭典 佛光大辭典 丁福保:佛學大辭典
陳義孝佛學常見辭彙 藏法數
Etymological Dictionaries

Other Dictionaries

General Dictionaries
HanDeDict (Chinese-Germany) CFDict
Special Dictionaries
4-kanji ideomatic expressions and proverbs Constellation names dictionary
Japanese Places Japanese-English River and Water Resources Glossary