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The site funding

TaoTao-Project has been created without funding or grants. The costs have been minimal as the project utilizes open source software and freely available material. The server and other maintenance costs are paid by project owner, Mikael Ikivesi. Mikael has also done all the design and coding on his spare time. At present the site does not require funding to operate.

Funding the translation, proofreading and new source texts

The site wishes that the donations are directly paid to the active contributors.

The active users should check laws for their own country about taking donations. If user is allowed legally to receive donations the donation information should be added to the profile page.

The readers are encouraged to give donations to active translators, proofreaders and contributors of original texts. The activity statistics are visible from the Profile pages .

If the reader wishes to see some text translated faster contact any of the active contributors and offer to sponsor the translation.
Some of the translators are for hire to translate other texts. If the translations you are paying for belongs to interests of TaoTao-Project it is hoped that these paid translations would be permitted to be included in the library but it is not necessary.