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Resources and Links

The TaoTao-Project uses dictionaries and other source materials from various different projects. The most important sources are different dictionaries released under GPL-licence and various digitization projects producing OCR-ed digitization of classical Chinese texts.

Resources used while creating the Dictionary-module

Following dictionaries were used while creating the dictionary module. Most of these dictionaries are available from Hu Zheng’s repository of Stardict dictionaries



湘雅医学专业词典 (XiangYa Medical dictionary)


21世纪双语科技词典 (21 century bidirectional science and technology dictionary)

21世紀英漢漢英雙向詞典 (21 century bidirectional dictionary)



丁福保: 佛光大辭典 (1922 Ding Fubao: The electronic version of the “Dictionary for Buddhist Studies”)


English-Chinese-English Buddhist dictionary



4-kanji ideomatic expressions and proverbs

Constellation names

Buddhism words and phrases

Japanese place-names

Japanese/English Life Science Dictionary

Japanese-English River and Water Resources Glossary

CC-CEDICT available from MDBG Chinese-English dictionary
The German and French branches of the dictionary can also be found behind the link.

Similar projects

The TaoTao-Project is by no means unique project. There exists some similar projects. Some with long history and large user base behind them. The main difference between TaoTao-Project and other projects is wider area of interest and allowing users to edit and create pages, modify dictionaries and to freely select licensing for their work. In many projects the project owns the texts or translations produced by users. In TaoTao-Project the users own their texts and the project act as medium and tool.

Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association (CBETA) 中華電子佛典協會

Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association (CBETA) 中華電子佛典協會 is very active and well respected project to produce accurate digital versions from Taishō Tripiṭaka (大正新脩大藏經). The project has the same Buddhist dictionaries that TaoTao-Project uses. The CBETA focuses only on Buddhist texts.

Chinese Text Project

“Chinese Text Project is a web-based e-text system designed to present ancient Chinese texts, particularly those relating to Chinese philosophy, in a well-structured and properly cross-referenced manner, making the most of the electronic medium to aid in the study and understanding of these texts.”
The main difference between TaoTao-Project and Chinese Text Project is the focus. CTP is focusing mainly on philosophical texts and has more advanced cross-referencing system. The TaoTao-Project is focusing more on Chinese medicine and Taoism and is more Wikipedia-like structure allowing more free-form document structures.
Chinese Text Project