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Editing the Pages

The pages use markup format called Textile. Textile slogan – “humane web text generator” – describes it well as it is easy to learn. Yet the Textile format is very powerful and it capable of rendering quite complex pages.

The MarkItUp-editor

button in the bottom toolbar opens MarkItUp -editor. The editor eases learning the basic formatting like using headings, text properties and lists. It can also upload attachments and preview the output without saving page drafts.

Editor window
At the top of the editor is editor toolbar.

Uploading attachments

To upload attachments there is attachment button:
The button opens uploading dialog where the file to be uploaded is selected and the description and copyright information can be specified.

For security reasons only txt, svg, odt, ods, pdf, jpg or png files are allowed.


The preview can be viewed at any time during the edit. The preview button: opens new frame under the editor that displays the rendered page. The opened preview gets refreshed each time [ENTER] or any of the toolbar buttons is pressed. The preview is closed by holding down [ALT] while pressing the preview button with mouse.

Edit Information

Edit information area below the editor holds two fields – the summary and edit type. The summary is short comment about edit. For example: “proofread the first chapter and translated the second poem”. Under the summary is selection of edit type. These information helps others to track the changes done by each editor.